10 Things to Know about Think Hub

One: Think Hub has a dedicated device charging where a customer ensured of one (1) charging slot for his/her device. Think Hub would like to maintain this, as we believe that caring is sharing and we want all students, coworkers, freelancers and individuals who go to Think Hub to be happy and never fret about lack of power outlets!

Two: Using two (2) devices (your laptop and phone) in connecting to Think Hub’s Wi-Fi will not slow you down because Think Hub is using fiber connection with a blazing speed of 50 mbps.

Three: You could have three (3) to more cups of coffee at Think Hub because, why not? Think Hub offers unlimited coffee and coworkers can bring food of their own choice without any corkage!

Four: The Think Hub team currently has four (4) internship babies (KR, Faith, Myre, and Kurt) and two (2) community managers (Erwin and Mai) who controls the every corners of Think Hub. Don’t hesitate to approach them for all concerns and questions you may have before, during or after your stay!

Five: Five (5) people could have a comfortable meeting in one of Think Hub’s favorite spot – the Lounge Area 1 (Think Hub’s mini living room). We also have Lounge Area 2, a small area matted with a fluffy carpet that you can sit on comfortably while you’re studying or working and sipping on that good cup of coffee!

Six: There are six (6) ways to enjoy the well curated music of Think Hub: While working on your laptop, surfing using your phone, spacing out of the window, sleeping in the carpet, laughing with your friends on the couch, and specially while drinking your coffee.

Seven: Seven (7) is a lucky number and spending seven hours working at Think Hub could definitely make you feel lucky with the fast progress that you will make.

Eight: A horizontal eight (8) will look like an infinity – a never-ending symbol. A group of friends can now have a never-ending fun and bonding with Think Hub’s card and board games. Think Hub also has sets of books and artworks which other coworkers can enjoy if they are having their “me “time.

Nine: Some people believe that nine (9) is an almost perfect number and Think Hub team will do their best to make their service to other coworkers perfect in as much as possible way because, Think Hub cares for you.

Ten: Think Hub is open from ten (10) am – 12 midnight. Coworkers, students, or people who just want to hang out of their own could still burn the candle or eat their ice cream until then.


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